Endocrine Module

This module focuses on the management of menopausal symptoms and other side effects of endocrine therapy in patients with breast cancer.

MSCC – Module 3

Following the release of ‘MSCC Module 2 – Triage & Treatment’, The Greater Manchester Cancer Academy are excited to announce the release of the third module within the MSCC course.

Continence Management in Cancer- Module 1

Continence Management in Cancer

This interactive module focuses on all aspects of continence management including the impact it has on people, its causes and conservative management. This module will also provide an insight into […]

MSCC – Module 2

Following the release of ‘MSCC Module 1 – Red Flags and Early Diagnosis’, The Greater Manchester Cancer Academy are excited to announce the release of the second module within the […]

MSCC – Module 1

This module focuses on red flags and supports healthcare professionals involved in the detection of MSCC to improve diagnosis times.

LGBTQ+ Module

In collaboration with the LGBT Foundation we are pleased to bring you this module on providing more inclusive care to LGBTQ+ patients. This learning package covers 7 key areas and […]

Psychological Care Level 2 Modules

This course comprises of 5 psychological care level 2 modules. Each module will take you through the different aspects of Psychological Care Level 2 training needed to help you identify […]

Prostate Cancer: UK Treatment Pathway

[vc_snc embed_type=”iframe” item_id=”36″ item_name=”GMCA PCa UK Treatment Pathway – Main Navigation 2022-11-02 v07 – Storyline output” width=”100%” height=”740px” frameborder=”0″ src=”https://www.gmcanceracademy.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/uncanny-snc/36/story.html”] Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit […]