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Welcome to the Greater Manchester Cancer AO Academy

We are excited to be expanding the Cancer Academy into the cross-cutting field of Acute Oncology (AO). We are working in conjunction with both the AO cancer alliance pathway board and other site specific pathway boards to deliver education both specifically for the AO workforce and anyone who may interact with patients experiencing an oncological emergency. 

In development are several interactive modules around Metastatic Spinal Cord Compression, an upcoming pathway board education and engagement event, and are also scoping a cross-academy collaborative module with the Neuro-Oncology Academy.

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Metastatic Spinal Cord Compression (MSCC)

Following the publication of these modules the NICE guidance for Spinal metastases and metastatic spinal cord compression have been updated. The content of these modules will be reviewed and you can access the new guidance here.  

Timely Presentation and Diagnosis - Module 1

This course will cover the timely and accurate diagnosis of MSCC for patients. For patients with an existing cancer diagnosis, this is critical as MSCC can be more difficult to diagnose. 

This module covers what MSCC is (detection, diagnosis, treatment and follow up care), and how it is managed clinically.

Triage and Treatment - Module 2

This module focuses on the triaging process and treatment options. This module offers guidance on initially managing suspected MSCC and who to contact following confirmed diagnosis and rehabilitation.

Rehabilitation and Advanced Care Planning - Module 3

This module focuses on rehabilitation and advanced care planning. It offers guidance around the management options for common MSCC symptoms and it offers information around supportive care. 

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Short, snappy online session that can be watched live (where questions can be asked to our speakers) or on-demand. Watch this space for future webinars and updates.

Streamlining and Accelerating the MSCC Lung Cancer Pathway in Greater Manchester, East & Mid Cheshire Webinar

Wednesday 26 July 2024, 12.30-13.00

This webinar will provide education and information on the new MSCC Lung Cancer Pathway in Greater Manchester, East & Mid Cheshire. 

The pathway will promote team working between MSCC Co-ordinators, Acute Oncology Nurses & Lung Cancer Nurses. It will promote importance of rapid pathological diagnosis before considering surgery, exclude small cell and look for better prognostic groups via ctDNA (high false positive rate) and tissue biopsy to look for drivers and obtain PDL1.  For patients will no neurology and good performance status the priority is to quickly receive SACT and likely to offer radiotherapy.  Patients will be considered on a case by case basis for surgery where no pathological diagnosis is possible, low comorbidity and spinal instability or potentially reversible / changing neurology affecting performance status for imminent SACT.

Management of New Diagnosis of Brain Metastases

Now available to watch on-demand

This webinar aims to provide confidence for peripheral hospital medical teams or managing patients with brain metastases and is aimed to offer as much practical advice as possible. 

Suitable for Hospital Doctors, Nurses and Allied Health Professionals involved in the management of patients with brain metastases.

  • To develop an approach for managing brain metastases dependent on severity.
  • To understand the referral process via the North West neuro-oncology MDT – who to refer, how to refer and what information is required.
  • To understand who needs urgent discussion with neuro-surgery.
  • To understand how to commence steroids in patients with brain metastases.
  • To understand how to reduce steroid dose and minimise side effects from steroids.
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Acute Oncology Education Event

This on-demand event focuses on best practices and ongoing developments via the Greater Manchester Cancer Alliance Acute Oncology Pathway Board. 

View the agenda below and watch on-demand around your schedule.

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Other Resources

Level 1 Acute Oncology e-learning with Competence Assessment Passport

The UK Acute Oncology Competence Assessment Passports aim to promote the development of a knowledgeable, skilled, and competent workforce that treats and cares for people with an acute oncology indication. The Level 1 Passport has been developed into an online resource in collaboration with Macmillan Cancer Support. 

The resource is currently being piloted and includes pre and post course learning surveys. It maps to the Level 1 framework within the UKONS Acute Oncology Knowledge and Skills Guidance and learners will receive a certificate on completion.

Use the information in the flyers below to access the e-learning module on the Macmillan Learning Hub. Please feel free to circulate the below materials with any relevant networks.


This Digital Level 1 resource is part of a wider national project developing acute oncology competence assessment documents. 

Chugai Pharmaceutical CINV Academy

The CINV Academy educational programme is a series of modules created in collaboration with Chugai Pharmaceutical’s expert nursing and pharmacist faculty.

The modules will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of CINV physiology, treatment and patient-related risk factors, the available antiemetic in line with international antiemetic guidelines, and key decisions within the patient journey to assess and manage CINV. After completing the modules, there are knowledge checks available where you are able to validate your understanding. You will receive a certificate after successfully completing and passing all the learning modules.

These modules are suitable for all healthcare professionals working in cancer services. 

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