Psychological Care

Welcome to the Greater Manchester Cancer Psychological Care Academy

Our Psychological Care Academy has landed! As a cross-cutting Academy, expect to find education and training on this page that transcends all cancer specialities. The learning through this page is adaptable to all care settings and will help to improve patient care and provide increased support to prevent people affected by cancer presenting with an unmet psychological need. 

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Psychological Care Courses

Psychological Level 2
Hybrid Model

Greater Manchester Cancer Academy have generated a new model in the approach to the delivery of psychological level 2 training. To combat the on-going scenario of demand outweighing capacity for PL2, a hybrid training package has been developed in conjunction with the Cancer Alliance Psychological Support and Mental Health Pathway Board. 

The package comprises of 5 online modules with learning to be consolidated with a 1 day face to face session; the ACCEND capability framework has been a common denominator in the shaping of education content throughout both the eLearning and in-person sessions.

Places are limited with a nominal fee attached to contribute to the on-going development and delivery.

Foundations in Psychological Care

This course is suitable for all health and social care professionals, including cancer support workers and healthcare assistants. The 3 part eLearning module guides the workforce at ‘level 1’ to recognise the psychological needs of patients, and enables them to give effective information, compassionate communication and general psychological support – whilst also highlighting channels and mechanisms for escalation

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Module 2 - Primary and Secondary Care Investigations for Haematuria

This module reprises the ways in which blood in the urine (haematuria) can present in different patients and details the various investigative techniques used to establish a diagnosis.

Module 3 - TULA and Flexible Cystoscopy

This module aims to demonstrate the theories and technics used to support endoscopic evaluation, biopsy and ablation of bladder lesions. 

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Short, snappy online session that can be watched live (where questions can be asked to our speakers) or on-demand. Watch this space for future webinars and updates.

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Early Diagnosis

This education was commissioned by and co-designed with the Greater Manchester Cancer Alliance Early Diagnosis Team and produced by GatewayC. GatewayC is a free early cancer diagnosis resource. Get started here