Lung Academy

Welcome to the Greater Manchester Cancer Lung Academy

As a priority area in cancer, we are delighted to be working with the Lung Cancer Pathway Board to bring you pivotal updates. Additional topic areas and delivery methods are currently being scoped, however we are proud to bring you our Lung Cancer Education Event as the beginnings of the next Academy venture. 

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Lung Courses

Coming soon...

We are busy working behind the scenes to bring you further educational courses in lung cancer care. Please register below to keep up to date with the latest news. 

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Short, snappy online session that can be watched live (where questions can be asked to our speakers) or on-demand.


Streamlining and Accelerating the MSCC Lung Cancer Pathway in Greater Manchester, East & Mid Cheshire Webinar

Wednesday 26 July 2024, 12.30-13.00

This webinar will provide education and information on the new MSCC Lung Cancer Pathway in Greater Manchester, East & Mid Cheshire. 

The pathway will promote team working between MSCC Co-ordinators, Acute Oncology Nurses & Lung Cancer Nurses. It will promote importance of rapid pathological diagnosis before considering surgery, exclude small cell and look for better prognostic groups via ctDNA (high false positive rate) and tissue biopsy to look for drivers and obtain PDL1.  For patients will no neurology and good performance status the priority is to quickly receive SACT and likely to offer radiotherapy.  Patients will be considered on a case by case basis for surgery where no pathological diagnosis is possible, low comorbidity and spinal instability or potentially reversible / changing neurology affecting performance status for imminent SACT.

One Stop Lung Cancer Clinic: Multimodality Treatment

Available to watch on-demand

This session is for all healthcare professionals involved in the care of patients with lung cancer in GM and east/mid-Cheshire, particularly members of the lung cancer MDT.

It will provide an update on the latest developments in multi-modality treatment for lung cancer (including neoadjuvant chemotherapy and immunotherapy prior to surgery) and also our regional service model top support these pathways through the one stop lung cancer clinic. It will serve as a launch event for opening referrals to the new indications for the one stop clinic.

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Lung Cancer Education Event

This on-demand event focuses sharing best practices across the system, and hearing about the ongoing developments via the GM Cancer Lung Pathway Board. 

Suitable for all healthcare professionals involved in lung cancer care. This event has been approved by CPDUK for the value on 5 CPD Credits.

View the agenda below and watch on-demand around your schedule.

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Early Diagnosis

This education was commissioned by and co-designed with the Greater Manchester Cancer Alliance Early Diagnosis Team and produced by GatewayC. GatewayC is a free early cancer diagnosis resource. Get started here

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Other Resources

Prehab4Cancer Programme

Prehab4Cancer is a free exercise, nutrition and wellbeing scheme, designed by a team of NHS professionals and exercise experts, based on latest research. The aim is to help patients (and their loved ones) to cope with cancer treatment and feel better, physically and mentally. Prehab4Cancer plays an active role in cancer care, as well as living with and beyond cancer.

The Prehab4Cancer Programme can be found in leisure facilities across Greater Manchester, which means patients can access the service close to their home. An exercise prescription is created that is tailored to each patient following on from an holistic assessment with an exercise specialist.

    • People who are over 18 years of age
    • Registered with a Greater Manchester GP
    • Cancer diagnosis (primary lung, upper gastrointestinal or colorectal)
    • Going through one of the following pathways:
    1. Lung cancer stage I-III active treatment (surgery/curative oncology)
    2. Lung cancer stage III/IV active treatment (palliative intent)
    3. Colorectal cancer (curative treatment and suitable for surgery)
    4. Upper Gastrointestinal cancer (curative treatment and suitable for surgery)

For further information on how you can use the Prehab4Cancer Programme please follow the resource links below or visit Prehab4Cancer

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